Why choose hand forged over commercially produced?

What a wonderful question that we get asked a lot here at Sky Forge. Forging is the process of changing the dimensions of iron using a hammer and anvil, typically. Forging is what a blacksmith does for a living. While we are well versed, in contemporary times, within the scope of modern metal working tools/tooling; We, blacksmiths, favor traditional techniques that are superior to modern techniques for metal working. Why do we favor hand made over made by machine? We favor traditional because it is done with our hands and the level of quality and character of the work is judged by the smith himself and not by a machine. This does not mean that we do not use modern machinery to help advance work, but by no means do we have any "production" equipment in our shop. Hand forged fixtures and sundries have a warm characteristic within them that you cannot get from machine made items. While there are many designs of the blacksmith's work replicated by machines, a machine cannot replicate the extraordinary acceptance of hand forged iron work. In today's fast paced economy, we recognize that 100% traditional work cannot be done economically, and keeping that in mind, we offer many solutions for our clientele to incorporate hand forged elements with modern joinery techniques. In the scope of what we do, modern machinery gives us the ability to meet deadlines efficiently while maintaining a high quality of essence in our forged work. Thanks for taking the time to understand a small amount of why you should choose hand forged iron work over commercially produced iron work. We look forward to meeting your needs!