Need a quote for a COMMISSION? Here is the process


Phase 1 : Introduction

It’s simple! Our commissions start with a phone call or email. Information needed at the beginning of a project will cover: project location, time frame, finish, installation, initial design, budget, and scheduling an on site meeting. With all of this covered, a rough quote can be provided to our client for approval before the design process begins.

Here are some things that can affect the rough quote for your commission.

  • The distance between the job site and the studio.

  • Time frame to complete the job.

  • Finish ( we offer powder coating, painting, acid etching, oil/wax finishes, patinas, and high performance lacquers)

  • Difficulty of installation.

  • Complexity of design.

  • Budget


Phase 2 : Design & Proposal

Have a design in mind? Would you like us to design something unique? Either way, we can make it a reality. With every commission, we provide hand drawn, scaled, artist renderings of your concept. We will work with you until you love the design. It doesn’t matter if your idea is simple or complex, if we can draw it then we can make it. Depending on the project, we can also provide computer modeled designs for you. After you are in love with your design, a proposal is written up that will require a 50% deposit to begin the work. Depending on several factors, we can also do a 33% deposit so keep that in mind if you have something ranging anywhere from a complex design to a large scale commission. Our design process can go through several iterations. We want you to be involved in the work as much as we are, until you think its perfect.


phase 3 : Build and INSTALLATION

After the proposal is accepted and a deposit has been made, we will send out computer modeled build drawings so everyone is on the same page. Materials will be ordered and the work will begin. Normally, nothing is required of you during the build. Once the build is completed, we deliver the metal work to the finisher. After the finish is completed, we will contact you to coordinate the best time for the install or we can drop the project off if you would like to install it yourself or have someone else install it. Depending on your project, installs can be complicated and time consuming. Once we begin an install, we are on site until it is completed. After the install, a final walk through is performed where cleaning of the metal and a final finishing touch up is done. Once everything is perfect, you will be contacted to close out the contract. Typically, all that needs to be done is the final payment.