About us


Sky Forge Metalworks started outside of a garage bay with a lean-to to protect Andrew, our owner, from the heat of the summer sun. After graduating college with a bachelor's degree in physics, Andrew took a class on forging steel at a local heritage building. Immediately, upon hitting hot steel with a hammer, Andrew felt like being a blacksmith was in his blood. A couple months later, he and his wife decided to start "Sky Forge". He quickly started selling to local stores and demonstrating forging at local shows. As his skills and comfort in forging grew, he decided to implement his fabrication experience into the business. 

Andrew's previous experience as an industrial electrician and welder were put to use to expand the business into the high end custom design studio that Sky Forge is today. His intimate knowledge with hard work and determination were accelerated with the clients that started to contact Andrew for his approach to completing projects. Andrew takes pride is his work through all aspects of it and currently, the business has never missed a deadline. Andrew does not stand for low quality or late work. Hard work, perserverance, determination, and sacrifice have made Sky Forge Metalworks into the business it is today and we are excited to continue acquiring clients and projects all over the world.